Africa’s most popular languages.  Instantly transcribed and analysed for easy understanding. Seamlessly integrated for nuanced chatbot conversations.  View our Beta API Docs here 


Currently available in English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and Sesotho. 

Other official South African languages and a bunch of Sub-Saharan languages coming soon.

Learn more about how to connect -> API Docs here


Speech to text that can hear & write in our languages


Tools that understand our languages and provide the support your clients need


Quickly understand the emotional tone of text and spot important people, and places, and more



Text to Speech that knows how to pronounce our names and words in our languages


Translation that works for our languages

What is Vulavula?

If you’re familiar with the concept of NLP, Vulavula is a ‘natural-language-processor-as-a-service’.

If you’re unfamiliar with the tech lingo, think of Vulavula as your business’ multi-lingual best friend. It does transcriptions (converting voice to text) for easy skimming through. It also analyses the text so you can quickly spot important people, places, brands, values, and more; or give you a quick analysis of the emotional tone of the message. Translation capabilities (converting one African language into another) are also planned for the near future. 

Vulavula is fast, accurate, and currently available for English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and Sesotho, with South Africa’s other official languages and a bunch of Sub-Saharan languages to come.

Who would find Vulavula useful?

Quite frankly, any business doing business in – or with – Africa.

Let’s say you have a customer service chatbot. Vulavula lets your 1.2 billion customers who don’t speak English or French at home chat to the bot in their home language, expressing themselves (and what they need from you) clearly and easily.

You can also send them your response in their home language – giving you A+ for customer service. Ditto with quotes, call centre transcriptions, focus groups, customer surveys, and other situations where your business needs to communicate with customers and vice versa.

How does Vulavula work technically?

In our founder’s own words: ‘Data quality is at the core of what we do, but we also leverage model refining techniques like ensemble, transfer, and active learning to bolster model performance. We do heavy error analysis and human-in-the-loop evaluations.’

Why is Vulavula perfect for Africa?

Vulavula focuses on local African languages, like isiZulu and Sesotho. You can’t just go to an international tool like OpenAI, Facebook or Google, because these languages often aren’t supported, or are supported so crudely, the service is pretty much useless. That’s why Vulavula is so unique, and crucial. 

We work with expert human linguists, so the language models are able to capture local lingo, local names, accents, and can even handle code switching (when speakers switch between different languages in a conversation). 

Enough Tech Talk.

Start talking the language of the people now.