"If we find methods used by others are suitable to our social environments, we shall adopt or adapt them; if we find them unsuitable, we shall reject them."

– Kwame Nkuruma

An illustration of an African-style spaceship in space. In it is an elderly woman passing on an object to a young boy

“Global” AI technologies are failing to be relevant. The boundary of AI imagination has been severely limited by the lack of contextual diversity, and has been causing harm because of this.

But times are changing… 

The global south makes up 85% of the world population. Now is the time for our unique perspectives and problem solving capability to join the global AI conversation – in generating real impact and bringing about positive change


Lelapa.AI is a socially-grounded Africa-centric AI research & product lab built upon three primary intentions:

An African symbol of Wisdom on the Lelapa AI website


Lelapa is a concentration of Africa’s niche skills in resource efficiency. This wisdom around resource efficiency is imperative for the advancement of AI technology globally – and especially for solving the complex problems posed by the Global South (the Majority World).

An African symbol of Wisdom on the Lelapa AI website


Grounded in the philosophy of Ubu-ntu   (I am because we are) Lelapa’s mission is to develop technology for the global family. We explore how contemporary challenges can be solved through centering technology on humanism based on relationality – advancing global Responsible AI practices on the continent and beyond.

An African symbol of Wisdom on the Lelapa AI website


African AI talent needs a home – an opportunity to contribute to solving problems that represent their best interests, in a place that facilitates them doing their best research, without compromising the kind of remuneration warranted by the application of such critical skills. Lelapa is that home.

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